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Residential Dumpsters

residential dumpsters filled with trash

Residential dumpsters are available upon request to help you clean out your house quicker and more efficiently, while also allowing you to get rid of broken or unwanted items that you could otherwise not dispose of in your normal garbage collection. Some of these items can include old clothing, appliances, tools, electronics, and more. We make it simple to declutter your home and to do so without having to make several trips to the nearest public dumpster, and without having to clog your regular trash bins with your everyday waste.

Residential Rentals

If you have a home cleanout job that could benefit from the use of a heavy-duty dumpster rental, then you may want to consider renting one of our residential dumpsters for a specific period of time. Before renting with us, you should check with your local authorities or homeowner's association to ensure that you don't need a special permit to host a dumpster on your property for the allocated time period. If you're all good to go, all you need to do is give us a call so that we can arrange a time to drop off and pick up your dumpster rental.

Standard Rental Period

Our standard rental period for a residential dumpster is usually about a week or 7 days, depending on your preference. This is a base rate and if you choose to keep the dumpster for longer than that period, you can let us know and we’ll charge you a day rate for every extra day you have the dumpster after the initial base period. You can schedule this with our customer support team and change your rental period at a later time if you decide you need it for longer. We will bill you for the initial amount, along with any extra days you’ve had the dumpster.

What We Accept

Some of the main items that we accept in our dumpsters include anything from remodeling debris, old furniture pieces, clothing, trash, certain liquids, appliances, electronics, and much more. We can also take yard cleanups, mattresses, and other bulky items that you aren't sure how to dispose of properly. For some specialty items, we may charge a one-off fee to remove them, mostly because of the size and weight of these objects. These items typically include hoarding junk removal, concrete, and any other materials that are not suitable for the dumpster itself that you would like removed.


What makes our residential dumpster rentals so unique is our commitment to your convenience. We know that you already have a large cleaning project ahead of you if you're looking to hire a dumpster, to begin with. We make it easier to accommodate your big project with our professional residential dumpster rentals that are brought straight to your doorstep and are later removed with ease. Our dumpsters are secured in place once dropped off and are later removed without damages to your lawn, driveway, or surrounding property, making our services a go-to solution for your excessive cleanout needs.