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Permanent Dumpster

permanent dumpster filled with trash

Permanent dumpster services are available to those that either does not have access to waste management services or who find themselves needing a large-scale dumpster for longer than the rental period. Our permanent dumpsters can be obtained in the same fashion as our standard rental dumpsters and are scheduled to be dropped off and later picked up or cleared out, and can then be replaced with a clean and empty dumpster.

Hiring A Permanent Dumpster

Hiring a permanent dumpster is not much different than hiring a renal one. The main difference? You’ll have access to the dumpster for longer and won’t have to worry about when to have it filled and picked up by. You can work with us to determine a time when you would want your dumpster cleared and removed, but you won’t have the same time constraints as a renter would. You can also hire a long-term dumpster for one-off use or ongoing use over the years. The choice is up to you!

Heavy Duty Junk Removal

Heavy-duty junk removal services are provided to those that called in advance and schedule a special appointment for the pickup of such items. Some of these items can include anything from dangerous liquid to mattresses, to even tires and other heavy appliances. Often, these items can weigh down a traditional dumpster and make it more difficult to remove once full. Removing these items separately is both safer and more convenient for both us and your removal project, as it saves you time and energy from having to lift and haul the item into the dumpster itself.

Large-scale Cleanouts

Large-scale cleanouts can often take longer than you had initially planned usually because there ends up being more junk than initially anticipated. If this is the case and you would like assistance in removing the excess trash, then consider a professional dumpster rental or a permanent dumpster that can be rented for long periods of use. As the city’s premier and full-service dumpster rental company, Dumpster Rental Yonkers is delighted to offer a range of dumpster rentals that can be used for permanent use or long-term use, depending on the project you have at hand. Some commercial spaces might require permanent dumpsters, while some residential properties may only require a dumpster for a few months' uses. Just let us know what you prefer and we’ll arrange a dumpster for you!


What makes our dumpster services so desirable is that we offer simplicity and comfort when it comes to your waste removal and junk removal problems. We know that it can be difficult trying to coordinate how to remove certain pieces of furniture, broken appliances, and other heavy items or debris. To make this process quicker and more efficient, we are eager and ready to provide our professional dumpster services so that you can have a solution on demand. We welcome you to give us a call for your next permanent dumpster-related need or when you're anticipating a long-haul project that could see you in need of a dumpster for several months.