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Dumpster Rental Prices

dumpster rental in use

Dumpster rental prices vary from company to company and depend greatly on the size of the dumpster that you opt for. Most dumpster companies will a lot you a specific time frame for how long you can keep the dumpster and will charge a daily rate for every additional day that you have the dumpster. Every size of the dumpster also incurs a different base rate, so larger dumpsters can expect to be higher in price to rent. The rental price always includes drop off and pick up at your desired time.

Rental Period

The rental period is the determined number of days that you are allowed to keep the dumpster without incurring any extra fees aside from the initial base rate. Every company has their own rental period that is pre-set. To rent a 10-yard dumpster for 7 days, you’re looking at a price of $XX, while a 20-yard dumpster will run you $XX for the rental period. The 30-yard (30 cubic yards, 22’ x 8’ x 6’) and 40-yard (40 cubic yards, 22’ x 8’ x 8’) dumpsters are $XX for the rental period, respectively. If you plan on keeping the dumpster rental for longer than the initial base period, you can do so and pay the extra daily fee thereafter on the final billing statement.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop off and pick up your dumpster rental can be arranged in advance to ensure that we can move it at a time that is most convenient for you. Depending on where you want to store your dumpster rental, you may need to obtain a special permit to ensure that you are legally allowed to park it on the road or in your driveway. Once you have been cleared, we will assist you in finding the best location for your dumpster rental. Most of the time, clients choose to have their dumpster rental place in their driveway or somewhere close today hard so the traffic is unable to hit the dumpster itself.

Choosing Your Size of Dumpster

If this is your first time renting a dumpster, you’re probably wondering how to determine what size of dumpster you should be renting. If you’re doing a house cleanout or a hoarding cleanout, then you may want to consider a 10-yard (10 cubic yards, 12’ x 8’ x 3.5’) or 20-yard (20 cubic yards, 22’ x 8’ x 4’) dumpster. This is also true if you plan on getting rid of furniture and old appliances or electronics. If you’re a commercial space or are using our dumpster rentals for construction debris, then our larger 30-yard and 40-yard dumpsters should be sufficient.

Prices and Billing

As mentioned previously the price of every dumpster is different from the next. If you’re looking at a lower cost for renting a dumpster, you’ll want to opt for the smallest size available as the prices escalate with the size of the dumpster. The cheapest dumpster is typically a 10-yard dumpster, which can still hold a significant amount of weight and can be filled without issue. You can then pay the final price of the dumpster when the dumpster is picked up or when you have completed your rental period.